So, it’s been a while. In the last few weeks I’ve spent my Saturdays doing the Cardiff parkrun (terribly hungover), visiting my bestie in Lincolnshire for a top-notch birthday BBQ, and doing the Hever Castle Triathlon. I’ve been too busy to post about them, but suffice to say all the photographic evidence was terrible. So let’s move on. This week, it’s Brockwell parkrun!

I wasn’t feeling it this morning. I have a killer sore throat and could have done with another day in bed, but I got myself up and in the car for 8:10am – plenty of time to do a 30 minute journey, right? Wrong. Roadworks, diversions, and congestion (thanks Boris!) meant I arrived at Brockwell at 9:05am. Grand.

No briefings for me.

I rushed to the Lido (the website gave this as the starting point), to see people packing up the start line and moving it to the finish. I could just about make out a load of runners in the distance, so I got a move on and caught up with them.

The paths were wide and the park seemed very, very nice. The course consisted of one whole loop of the park and then a shorter loop. I was too caught up with making my way through the pack to really take any of the scenery into account or to get peeved by the laps.

2015-09-05 - Brockwell Park

As you can see, there are big hills on the course – it adds to the fun really – and it would be really hard to get lost. No cones needed here!

There was a big group here and they all seemed very social and chatty – there is a cafe on the park and people go for a coffee there.

Personally, my run went quite well, all things considered. I managed to come 75th out of 255, and finished with a gun time of 22:54 (versus 21:07 on Nike+). Clearly I couldn’t have been that late!

I’m hoping to get back to sub-20 runs soon, with training for the Grand Union Canal Half Marathon in November, and then upping to training for a marathon in April or May next year (since I won’t be doing London). I need to start getting some quality long runs in, which have been neglected for the past few months!

I think the main lesson I’ll take from this morning’s run is that I spent 100 minutes travelling to run for about 21. Next time I’ll get the train.

Main points:

  • Laps: 1.5
  • PB potential: Low, unless you’re used to hills.
  • Facilities: Parking, cafe, lots of shops nearby.
  • First-time friendly? I don’t know – but it is late-runner friendly.

    Brockwell Park
    Here’s me and Parker, she’s in her t-shirt for the Berlin Marathon which she completed last week (puts my triathlon into perspective) – and for once neither of us were hungover!