A quick one this week. Dulwich parkrun is 3 laps (!!!!) of Dulwich Park. This wasn’t as bad as it could have been since the route was pretty flat and you could build up some speed.

There seemed to be a lot of people there (243 in the end) and quite a nice community feel. Some people were absolutely smashing the time – I crossed in 19:02 and came 26th, when in other races that would have got me in the top ten. Oh well!

My run went well, but because I was slow to the start line I spent the first half mile overtaking people. My GPS told me I’d done the first half mile in about 5″20/mile, which I was hoping was right (it did feel fast). Anyway, I got my head down and tried to stay sub-6min/mile. That seemed fairly easy, and as I kept up with people trying to overtake me.Photo 29-11-2015, 22 41 09

My Nike+ app told me the course was 3.18 miles and that I’d done it in 5’59 min/miles, so I was hopeful of an official sub-19 5k. Sadly, this wasn’t the case when I got the result. 19:02, so close. Still, moving in the right direction considering that’s my 3rd fastest parkrun ever.

Next year I think I’ll aim for a sub-18:50 as my main target, and try to get as many sub-19s as possible – that should help me hit my target of a sub-3h15 marathon (with an eye on sub-3h05 in the long run… no pun intended)

Main points:

  • Laps: 3
  • PB Potential: High.
  • First-time friendly: Yes
  • Downside: Crowded start, no facilities on site.