How to lose votes and alienate people: An examination of the causes of Conservative decline in Liverpool since 1945

This thesis is an examination of the causes of Conservative electoral decline in Liverpool, from the end of World War Two to the present day, which counters the traditional argument that declining sectarianism, or the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, are the root causes of Conservative decline in Liverpool.

The British Labour Party and leadership election mandate(s) of Jeremy Corbyn: patterns of opinion and opposition within the parliamentary Labour Party

The drive to unseat Corbyn was a crisis of leadership as much as it was an ideological conflict – why else would so many of the supposedly loyalist Corbyn faction have voted for his removal?

The UK government and the 0.7% international aid target: Opinion among Conservative parliamentarians

This article represents a quantitative challenge to the prevalent qualitative assumption in the academic literature, which claims Cameron’s modernisation project was a failure.

The Conservative Party Leadership Election of 2016: An Analysis of the Voting Motivations of Conservative Parliamentarians

May’s support was drawn from those who backed Remain in the referendum, whilst Leadsom and Gove both drew support from Brexiteers; Leadsom from socially conservative members of the PCP, and Gove from the socially liberal wing.

The United Kingdom Referendum on European Union Membership: The Voting of Conservative Parliamentarians

There was a wider ideological dimension within the parliamentary Conservative Party to advocating Brexit – social conservatives were more likely to advocate Brexit than social liberals.

The Strange Death of Tory Liverpool: Conservative Electoral Decline in Liverpool, 1945-1996

Whilst popular opinion ascribes Conservative decline in Liverpool to Margaret Thatcher, Conservative Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, it began a decade before Thatcher gained power.

3 things I learned from Liverpool’s local election results (number 2’s a shocker!)

My to-do list is scary. Actually, there’s no single to-do list, but rather a range of different to-do lists scribbled over different apps. Things have gotten so bad that I’ve made a to-do list which comprises solely of ‘sort out to-do lists’. How meta. One of the things that’s been sitting on a few of myContinue reading “3 things I learned from Liverpool’s local election results (number 2’s a shocker!)”

No, Thatcher didn’t cause the Conservative decline in Liverpool

I’m in the process of redrafting a paper on the Conservative decline in Liverpool (what else?) in the 1970s. As a part of this work I wrote a short comment piece summarising my paper, which was was published on ConservativeHome (here), and also made its way on to the Mile End Institute’s blog (here). Please do give itContinue reading “No, Thatcher didn’t cause the Conservative decline in Liverpool”

The Lib Dems’ success is the root of their failure – will Farron change this?

In attempting to be everything to everybody, the Liberal Democrats are doomed to be nothing to anyone.