Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. The British Labour Party and leadership election mandate(s) of Jeremy Corbyn: patterns of opinion and opposition within the parliamentary Labour Party‘ (2017) Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties. (With T. Heppell and A. Crines)
  2. The United Kingdom Government and the 0.7 Percent International Aid Target: Factors influencing attitudes amongst Conservative Parliamentarians’ (2017) British Journal of Politics and International Relations. (With T. Heppell and A. Crines) 
  3. The Conservative Party Leadership Election of 2016: An Analysis of the Voting Motivations of Conservative Parliamentarians’ (2017) Parliamentary Affairs. (With T. Heppell, R. Hayton, and A. CrinesOpen access!
  4. The United Kingdom Referendum on European Union Membership: The Voting of Conservative Parliamentarians’ (2017) Journal of Common Market Studies. (With A. Crines and T. Heppell)
  5. The Strange Death of Tory Liverpool: Conservative Electoral Decline in Liverpool, 1945-1996’ (2016) British Politics. Open access!

Book reviews:

  1. British Conservative Leaders edited by C. Clarke, T. S. James, T. Bale and P. Diamond (eds.), Political Studies Review, 2016, 15:1.
  2. Britain Votes 2015 by A. Geddes and J. Tonge (eds.), Political Studies Review, 2016, 15:1.
  3. Cameron and the Conservatives: The Transition to Coalition Government edited by T. Heppell and D. Seawright (eds.), in Political Studies Review, 2016, 14:3.
  4. Basic Income: An Anthology of Contemporary Research edited by K. Widerquist, J. A. Noguera, Y. Vanderborght, and J. de Wispelaera (eds.), in Political Studies Review, 2016, 14:1.

Media engagement:

  1. ‘Strange Bedfellows? The Ideological Migration of Ukip Voters to Labour in the 2017 General Election’, with Keshia Jacotine, article for the Political Organisations and Participation standing group of the Australian Political Studies Association blog, 12 June 2017. Reposted on Mile End Institute blog.
  2. ‘It was Thatcher wot lost it – or was it? Conservative electoral decline in Liverpool since 1945’, article for the British Politics and Policy blog hosted by the London School of Economics, 5 May 2017.
  3. ‘Corbynism might not actually end – even if Labour loses the election’ with Tim Bale, article for The Conversation, 26 April 2017.
  4. ‘An election now would be crushing for Labour – and for Jeremy Corbyn’ with Tim Bale, article for The Guardian – Comment is Free, 4 November 2016.
  5. ‘The North remembers: why Conservatives still get a frosty reception in key regions’, article for The Conversation, 4 October 2016. A longer version is available on the Mile End Institute blog.
  6. ‘No, Thatcher didn’t cause the Conservative decline in Liverpool’, article on Conservative Home, 20 July 2015. Reposted on Mile End Institute blog.


Conference presentations and papers, early drafts of work, and the like can be found on my page.