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Whatever Happened to Tory Liverpool?: Success, Decline and Irrelevance since 1945

In the 1968 local elections the Liverpool Conservatives won 62 percent of the vote and 78 percent of the seats on Liverpool City Council. By 1972 the party had held a majority on Liverpool’s municipal government for 85 of the previous 100 years. But …

Understanding drivers of support for English city-region devolution: a case study of the Liverpool City Region

Metro mayors heading a combined authority represent the most recent innovation in English devolution. City-region devolution has been a key way in which successive Conservative governments have sought to boost local economic growth against a …

Who supports the Liverpool City Region combined authority and metro mayor - and why?

This is my presentation on 'Who supports the Liverpool City Region combined authority and metro mayor - and why?'

How to Lose Votes and Alienate People - Conservative Decline in Liverpool

In this talk I explore the causes of Conservative Party decline in Liverpool, and explain why Thatcher was not the cause of this decline.

The strange death of Tory Liverpool: Conservative electoral decline in Liverpool, 1945–1996

In modern discourse, Liverpool is a by-word for anti-Tory sentiment, yet the city has not always been so inhospitable for the Conservatives. From the mid-18th century until the 1970s, the Conservatives dominated the city council and often held over …